Friday, 3 August 2012

The Bird with a Useless Foot

At lunch, a yellow miner bird
with a twisted and useless
right foot used to hang on limbs,
waiting for scraps of food to drop
to the stone pavers or seeking
a chance to dart in and steal
from an unguarded plate.

But it hadn't been around for weeks,
and the cats had taken up residence
next to the table so they could steal
the spare bits of food from pity,
untidiness, and boredom.

I feared for the mangled little bird
that has to take bigger risks
than the other birds to find food,
so I began to check every bird
that approached the patio to find it
until I saw one fluffy yellow bird
with its foot curled under its body.
I waited to see if it would fix
the problem, but it simply hopped
on one foot to a bit of bread.

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