Sunday, 16 September 2012

169. Intentionally Loud

My booted feet scuff through the dirt intentionally
as I head passed the parked truck and into the shed
where someone saw a venomous snake just two days prior.
My eyes scan back and forth, taking in the details,
the clear path while I make as much noise as I can
and I make sure to keep breathing evenly through my nose,
so I can hear more than the thump of my heartbeat.

I tense in panic and let out an undignified squeak
as the bird outside begins to whistle for the dawn;
then I shake it off like a surprise rain shower
and laugh at myself, with just a hint of hysteria
as I hurry to complete my task and get out of there
while the little bits of adrenaline are still running
the highway around my body, keeping me going

the movements still intentionally loud.

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